Frequent Questions

Have questions? Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions.

What are you hours?

8am – 9pm everyday

Do you have an ATM?

YES, located in the store.

Do you sell liquor?

NO, We do not have packaged liquor we only sell beer and wine.

Can you buy beer on Sunday Morning?

Yes, We have the Sunday AM Sales Permit that allows us to sell beer and wine before 8am-12pm.

When does the Ice Cream Shop Open?

April 1st late September weather pending.

Do you accept EBT?


What time does the Kitchen Close?

We take the last food orders at 8:30PM.

Do you sell DNR Licenses?

Yes, we are a DNR selling agent. We sell Hunting, Fishing Licenses as well as ORV and snowmobile permits.

Can we send a USPS package from your store?

Yes, we are a United States Post Office. We ship packages and sell stamps, and Federal Duck Stamps.